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I pay good money for a certain level of service and respect when I frequent an establishment and I have not received it. That manager is unprofessional and has no sense of accountability. I'm surprised that corporate, or the owner of this franchise has not realized this yet. I will work my shift without the benefit of eating tonight due to the lack of service at Subway. I wish I could say this was an isolated incident but it's not.

If anyone with any intestinal fortitude to do the "right thing" wants to contact me I am available We were in subway last Thrusday Sept 13 ordered2 foot longs x meat 2 30 is drinks got to register to pay and wouldn't accept to forms of payment so why it take 1 week to call back to say they can't accept different forms of payment now I couldn't eat lunch that day because of this this is unacceptable I don't feel it was resolved in a timely manner and then to be told oh no we can't accept different forms of payment but if store manager had been in store that day she would have done whatever she could to resolve this so why not resolve it now.

I found that to be extremely unprofessional. Anyone in management should pull an employee aside not scream in front of customers over the counter. I informed her mother because she park beside me. I've always had acceptable experiences at the Genoa Ohio Subway, but maybe you should take a look at the Facebook string of posts on a thread called "The Talk of Genoa" Sounds like someone may be dropping the ball there.

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When I walked in 1 young girl was waiting on a Customer. The other employer was talking to a lady working in the store. I said. Italian bread she cut and started to fix it, I told her what I wanted in it, you can't see threw some of the lids. So I asked did you toast the bread, she said, did you asked.

She said, no. I said, I'm always asked at the other Subway. Bad attitude. Got home Meat Cold, No Cheese just not good. My first time at that one I go 2 to 3 times a wk. Then I look at complaint line y'all never do anything. Need a answer. We went into a Subway two days ago, ordered a foot long meatball on Italian Herb bread We were looking to order two meatball sandwiches, however there was only 4 meatballs and that is all we got on that foot long!

The guy ahead of us ordered a pizza, the kid working couldn't find the boxes, the customer spotted them and folded it into a box himself. He asked for it to be cut and the kid acted like that was unusual.

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The one running the register didn't wash his hands before gloving up and helping put fixings on the sandwiches. Once we paid, the kid couldn't figure out how to print a receipt. I called to talked to the manager yesterday to be told there was no manager at that store. I then called again today and was able to talk to the manager, he was at another store. He was very rude. He kept saying "You just don't get it. He told me he didn't have coverage cuz 3 people called in sick and 1 quit that day so he had to pull 2 brand new kids less than 2 weeks to run a store for the night.

He acted very over worked and unhappy with his job. He kept saying my name is Mike, make sure you report me too since you are taking the time to complain to me about it and "you just don't get it". This was in Rochester, MN.

Los Jalapenos

This Subway is located inside of the hospital where I work. I come here often for lunch with no problems. But today the manager in that place today was a awful mess I ordered a BMT like I often get. She tried to give me am BLT. So when I realized what she was doing, I told the guy next to her who always prepare my orders it was supposed to be a BMT, he said ok and tried to correct my order. I didn't have time to wait on them to start over so I said just put pepperoni on it so I could go being that I'm on a lunch scheduled break.

She asked me with the nastiest attitude "Why didn't I say something? Her reaction to her mistake was just unbelievable. I asked where was the manager the guy looked at and said she is the manager.

The guy always carry himself in the most respectable way. I would have believed he would be the manager over her. I love Subway but I refuse to spend my hard earned money in that place where when I leave I feel upset or uneasy. I went to Subway at Bickett Blvd. Suite Louisburg,N. Subway is one of the restaurants listed that offers the senior citizens discount. The lady that waited on me was just nasty. I believe her name was Kerri.


So I requested someone else to help me because of the uncleanliness. The other lady working with her was rude and would drop food and still pick it up on start to put it on my sandwich. I told her I wanted a new sandwich please and that really ticked her off. We love eating at Subway in Blairsville, GA located on the Murphy Hwy but there was no call what so ever for there behavior and the nastiness.

agserrite.tk At approximately p. There were two female employees in the restaurant. One employee was at the register with a customer paying for his meal and the other employee was assisting a truck at the drive thru. In the meantime, I was the only other customer in the restaurant. Once the first employee completed the transaction at the register, she went into the back of the restaurant, came back, washed her hands, held a conversation with the second employee, put on her gloves and just stood in one spot.

The second employee went to the drive thru to assist a customer who drove up after I entered the restaurant.

During all of this, I was never greeted by either employee. Meanwhile, another customer entered the restaurant who was never acknowledged either. The second employee began to make the sandwiches for the customer at the drive thru and she looked at me and said I will be with you in a minute. In the meantime, the first employee was just standing there doing nothing. It was approximately p. I left the restaurant without placing an order because I was upset.

I honestly feel that the two employees at Subway did not want to assist me because of the color of my skin. Since this happened to me, I assume others have encountered this same behavior when they enter the Westlake, Louisiana restaurant when these two female employees are working a shift because they were very comfortable with their actions.

I do hope that you take this complaint seriously and you take some type of action.

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A relaxed establishment in Hilton Head Island, Los Jalapenos' tacos, burritos, tamales and more will certainly appease your appetite. Tots are more than. Los Jalapenos Hilton Head Island Menu - View the Menu for Los Jalapenos Hilton Head Island on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Los Jalapenos .

We've been there 3 times and each time order 2 - 6 inch veggies on flat bread. His body language suggests to me that he is trying to make a few extra dollars -he corrects the over-charging when I mention it to him - but there is no obvious embarrassed fluster that he truly made an honest mistake. He should know his menu cost by now - he has served us at least 3 times and has tried to overcharge each time.

I believe he tries to rip us off. I'm not usually a complainer but 3 times in a row suggests he's trying for an extra few bucks. I don't expect anything much will change but we'll find out next time we order there. Thanks for listening.

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Please consider switching out gloves as there are many germs on handles. And i am glad reading your article. He acted very over worked and unhappy with his job. Everything is wonderful! End of story," said Horst Seehofer, leader of the CSU, which won landslide victories in both Bavaria's state election on September 15 and in Sunday's national poll.

Love Subway food - eat there mostly in Grande Prairie quite often!